Jun 28, 2013

Installing Genymotion for Mac OS X


After installing Genymotion, it doesn't work. Running the application gives errors and the shell script fails with segment faults.


  • The application fails with the following error: Unable to load VirtualBox engine
  • Accessing any device information from the shell script gives the following error: Segmentation fault: 11


UPDATE [7/15/13]: in addition to my initial post below, I just found some good information in the Genymotion docs. Not sure how I missed that the first time around. It covers everything in my post and more.

You need to download and install Oracle's VirtualBox from the VirtualBox site. Once this is installed and present in your Applications folder, Genymotion works!

It's easy to miss but on the Genymotion download page, it actually tells you that you need to download this. Of course, in my haste, I completely overlooked the underlined portion below:

Oops! It's also worth noting that I had problems registering on their website--it refused to send me a confirmation email. Once I switched from Chrome to Safari, it worked just fine. Now, I finally have Genymotion working and all is right with the world.


  1. Hey, thanks for this hint :D I downloaded vm but now if I try to start, the window with the virtual device starting opens a short time and the closes immediately...any idea?

  2. You mean this window, right?

    Typically, I see this for 2-3 seconds right before it opens a device in the background. For some reason, new devices always open in a new window, behind others. If a device was failing to open, I'd try re-installing it. You can also try adding several other devices and see if they all fail. I hope that helps...

    1. Almost :D This window I can see, and then the window with the vm opens. And this window closes after 1-2 seconds. I've tried to reinstall but no success. But I'll try your hint with testing the other devices and see if they all fail. Thanks for your help ;)

    2. Unfortunately no success...I'll call the support and hope they could help. I'll post their answer, if it helps ;)

    3. Do you get the same results when running from Genymotion shell?

  3. I'm having the exact same issue on a Linux64 based system.
    I can actually start the created VirtualBox instance that genymotion created. But, I can't start it through genymotion. I just get a very brief dialog that says "Configuring VirtualBox" and nothing else.

  4. Nevermind.. I fixed it (almost).
    the VBox kernel modules (vboxnetadp and vboxnetflt) were not running. I also had to go into VirtulBox application and manually link the first net adapter to the "host-only" adapter. NOw, it starts.. but crashes. So.. I"m closer!

    1. Geeze that stinks! Although it's not working perfectly, I'm not having much problems with it. I've installed the Android Studio plugin and was launching my devices from there. However, that started failing (devices I launched would stop working after a while--seemed to be related to letting them run while my laptop slept or ran out of battery). So now, I just run the Genymotion application to launch devices and haven't had any problems for about a week.

      Currently, I'm mainly testing on "Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean with Google Apps - API 16" and it's about 5-10X faster than testing on my device (GSIII).

    2. Have you done this:

      chmod +x [InstallerPath]/genymotion.bin

      From the installation section here:

      I actually just stumbled on this page