Mar 24, 2012

Slow Mac WiFi but Internet Fine on PC?

Occasionally, my internet gets REALLY slow on my laptop. Then I go use my wife's PC and everything is fine. Since few things are more aggravating than Windows machines working better than Macs, I decided to post this solution so I won't forget it.


MacBook Pro internet is slow over wifi and ethernet.


  • After opening several tabs, they all show no content--just perpetual spinning
  • Things worked fine for a few seconds, then suddenly, everything is slow
  • You see none of these issues on your Windows machine on the same network
  • You do not have this issue on your mobile phone or tablet, using WiFi


Add DNS servers in "System Preferences > Network" under the "Advanced" options. By default, my settings were pointing to Comcast. Once I added Open DNS, instead, everything worked fine.

As an added bonus, you can create an account at and get some pretty cool features.

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  1. Thanks much- hoping opendns is the winner!